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February 09 2014


How to Make Photos Private on Facebook

If for whatever reason, you want to make some of your photos private and visible only to your close friends on Facebook read on. It's really quite simple as the menus on Facebook follow a step-by-step process. Here are the steps to making a single photo or an album private on Facebook.

facebook image
Add a photo

Go to your homepage. Beside update status where there is a photo icon, clicks on Add photos/video. Then select upload photos/video. Select the picture you want to upload and click Choose. The image you selected will appear here. Keep adding as many photos as you like this way.

Use the Audience Selector Menu

This is selected by clicking the “public” icon beside the “post” icon. This will let you choose who is viewing your image. The setting applies to all the images in your status update. Once you click the public icon the following choices will appear. These choices will determine the privacy of the image or who can see it. They are:

Public: Anyone on Facebook can see your picture.

Friends: only friends on Facebook can see your picture.

Friends except Acquaintances: Only close friends can see the update.

Only me: Only you can see the update.

Custom: You may also choose to share the update with a certain amount or group of people you like. They can be members of a particular list.

How to make an album private:

If you want to make an album private you do a similar process. First go to your timeline. When you're there click on the photos or images that represent the photos in your album. Then go to the albums section located beside the photos section. They are below your profile photo. This will take you to all your current albums. Once you're here, click on create an album. This will take you to a section where you can add single photos or groups of photos all at once. Then upload the images you want to be displayed in the album. Once the images come up go to the Audience Selector menu. It is the same menu as the one for the photos above. The audience selector menu for the albums appear on the lower right side of the screen and is accessed by clicking on Public, which is beside Post pictures.When you click on the audience selector here, the same options as for the pictures will appear. Select the option you desire.

With those simple steps you can control the privacy level of your pictures on Facebook.

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