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What Is A Facebook Worm And How To Keep Your Account Safe From It

What is it?

Essentially, the Facebook worm is a general term for a virus that is an app or extension that abuses your friends trust in you for shared content. It will essentially persuade them to install the same app and spread the “Facebook Hack” in this way to various users. This method for infiltrating users accounts is not unique to Facebook. The name was only coined as a generalization but it is common on most social networking sites like MySpace and Twitter. It is also sometimes known as the Koobface worm.

Facebook worm

The usual technique employed often starts with some kind of invitation to the owner of the targeted account. It will invite you to click on a link and view a video on a bogus YouTube site. At first glance it will all look normal and nothing out of the ordinary. The video comes complete with comments and video responses at the bottom like any average video on YouTube or similar sites.  Once you click on the video a message will appear asking  you to install Adobe Flash plug-in so you can watch the video. Of course this is all a scam as the once you have downloaded the application you will actually download a program that will enable the creator of the worm control over your computer. Once downloaded, the worm can take over your Facebook account sending the same message to your friends and the cycle continues.

Often the little details into making the message fool you is actually quite clever. You will notice the video is complete with the usual comments common to an uploaded video.You will even see your friend's name listed along with his picture pulled from Facebook. All these details could really fool you into thinking it's the real deal. So what can you do to stay protected from such invasive worms? Safety measures are actually quite simple and straightforward but can go a long way for your security.

Avoid clicking unknown links

They would most likely be sent from infected friends if their accounts have the worm or virus. Don't run any files that have unknown content or come from dubious sources. Always do your homework and keep your browser updated often and as frequently as possible.

Preventive measures to take

Make sure you have unique, strong, passwords with numbers and letters and anything else. Do not use common names or dates that can easily be accessed. And whenever possible, change your password constantly.

Also It's a good idea to install recent anti-virus software on your computer. And always have it updated for constant protection.

If your account has already been compromised go to the Facebook applications settings. Follow the steps given and remove the suspicious app that has been downloaded. Also, immediately notify your friends if you discover you've been infected to minimize their risk of infection.

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